The Trump Demandments

Not long ago the Republican Party was the party of Christian family values and The Ten Commandments were, or so they claimed, core principles of their political beliefs. Not anymore. In the era of Donald Trump the Republican Party’s Christian values have been thrown out the window and replaced by unwavering loyalty to one man. Instead of following The Ten Commandments Republicans now blindly adhere to a new code I call...

The Trump Demandments.

1. You shall recognize no other authority except me. 

2. You shall engrave my name and likeness on everything. You shall bear my name on your clothing and on your flag, for I, your leader, am a jealous leader who requires constant reminders of how much you love me. 

3. You shall not mock my name, even as I mock yours. 

4. You shall let me play golf on the Sabbath. 

5. Inherit the fortune of your father and mother. Make sure they like you best so your brothers and sisters inherit less.

6. You shall carry guns and threaten to use them on anyone who gets in my way.

7. You shall not get caught committing adultery if you pay hush money.

8. We shall steal the election by claiming that the guy who won stole the election.

9. You shall not tell the truth because it makes me look bad.

10. You shall covet the White House on behalf of me, so that I may again have absolute power over the United States.

I’m not trying to be funny. I’ve followed the format of the Decalogue because Trump and his followers have openly and routinely violated every single one of the Ten Commandments. Contrasting their current behavior with the Biblical principles they once advocated shows just how far the Republican Party has fallen from grace.


realitybytes said…
don't let your anger consume you. trump has been out office for months. it is time to move on. focus on the trillions of dollars that biden wants to spend. that should make you giddy.
James B Toy said…
Typical Trumper response. Dismiss any criticism of Trump as irrational "anger" then quickly change the subject to deflect attention from Trump's misdeeds. It's been tried on me before, almost word for word. And no, I'm not moving on. Trump may have been out of the White House for months, but as the dominant influence on today's Republican Party he is still very much relevant to the country's political landscape.
realitybytes said…
i'm not a trump supporter. never have been. i'm not even a republican. i'm just a rational human being who knows that it is well past the time to move on. and no - he is not the dominant influence on today's republican party. although, he does still seem to be the focus many of the democrats.

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