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AWOL Blogger

As anyone can see from the long stretches between entries, my blogging, as folks refer to it nowdays, has not been too consistent. For reasons I won't go into, its been a wierd year, and spreading my thoughts around hasn't been a high priority. But I have spent some productive time updating and upgrading the Monterey Peninsula Toy Box . I began by registering, for the first time, an actual domain  name . It still takes you to the same AOL Hometown site, but its easier to remember than , don't you think?  Then I decided to create a web page for my wife, who is a piano teacher . I liked the way I formatted it, so I applied some similar formatting to my  visitors guide , along with some much needed re-writing. Next followed a rebuild and updating of some pages in the Del Monte Club Car . I still need to update one more page, and I'm planning on adding a retail store hosted by Cafe Press to sell rail