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My brush with Robert McNamara

The recent passing of Robert McNamara , who was the U.S. Defense Secretary during the Vietnam war, brought to mind a brief encounter I had with him a few years ago. I never got close enough to talk to him , but I was within eight feet as he sat at a banquet table in the hotel where I worked. He was scheduled as the after dinner speaker that evening. As the in-house audio/visual technician on duty that night, I was in charge of the microphone. I don't remember the purpose of the event, but it was part of a larger multi-day conference. Most of the attendees were much younger than me. As I was setting up that afternoon one of the meeting organizers in the group told me that the guest speaker would be Robert McNamara. I recognized the name before he proceeded to tell me he was President Johnson's Secretary of Defense. He was quite excited about the prospect of hearing someone of that stature speak at his event. The fellow was visibly disappointed that I did not share his enthusi

Train vs Tornado

An engineer I know brought this video to my attention. The tornado occurred in Illinois on January 7, 2008. The camera was mounted in the last locomotive, facing the freight cars they were pulling. Watch the trees in the background as the rain starts. Then hold on!!!!