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Sarah Ward Events

A good friend of mine, Sarah Ward, is setting up shop as a freelance wedding and special event planner. I had the privilege of working with Sarah for about three years in a local hotel. At the time she was the hotel's wedding coordinator. I worked for the in-house audio/visual department and operated sound equipment for most of the wedding ceremonies she set up for her clients. It never ceased to amaze me how the wedding coordinators managed to, well, coordinate a thousand details and create a fabulous event for all, sometimes dealing with as many as five or six wedding parties in a single weekend! Sarah was no exception, and I was particularly impressed with her ability to maintain her cheerful disposition and calm, orderly manner under a wide variety of challenging conditions. Even behind the scenes, when nobody was looking, she maintained her positive attitude.   Sarah was particularly enthusiastic about the job, more so than any other wedding coordinator I worked with, s