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Twenty Years in the Toy Box

Whooda thunk that my main website, The Monterey Peninsula Toy Box , was twenty years old already? Not me, apparently, because I just realized it a couple of days ago! Yup, the Toy Box was established in July of 1997. I don't recall the exact date it first appeared in cyberspace, just the month, and that only because I published it at the bottom of my home page early on. The whole thing started on a whim. In early 1997 I signed up with America Online after I realized that my previous internet service provider, Prodigy, was going the way of the dodo. AOL was actually my second choice. I intended to use a Monterey based ISP called Redshift, as they were highly regarded hereabouts. I installed Redshift's software, fired up the modem, and got nowhere. I spent three fruitless days going round and round with Redshift technical support. Finally, in desperation, I grabbed one of those junk-mailed AOL floppy disks that was floating around my desk. I popped it in and was up and run

Trumpty Dumpty

Trump tweets dumb tweets from the Oval, Trumty Dumpty's tweets are spiteful, All of his lawyers and all of his kin, Couldn't make Trump's tweets coherent again.