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"So often we rob tomorrow's memories by today's economies." -John Mason Brown With a carefree smile Framed by straight brown hair A sparkle in her eye As she passed on the stair It made me feel warm Every time she was there. It all was strictly business In the workplace you know Leaving much about each other That we never get to show Feelings just get buried Gotta go with the flow. We’d put our heads together And we’d get the job done Sometimes she’d say “I love you” It was only in fun Our friendship got a start But it never got to run. Then  one day she was leaving A career move she said She needed it of course Got to go where life led A chance to get away And to keep her soul fed. On the steps that final day Her eyes looked a little sad I wanted to say something But expression could be bad The talk was mostly business It was all we really had. I gave a little parting gift The card I made 

Muddy Waters, Muddy Thinking

A landmark cypress tree on Scenic Road is perilously close to falling into the Carmel River. So is a section of Scenic Road.   Because...   The river has eroded the bluffs right up to the edge of Scenic Road   Because...   The river was breached in an unusual way this year. Instead of cutting straight through the beach, they cut a diagonal trench to the northwest   Because...   There has been an ongoing dispute between Monterey County, residents near the Carmel River lagoon, and the Department of Fish and Game   Because...   The Fish and Game biologists say the steelhead need more time to adjust to the semi-saline lagoon before being washed out to the fully saline ocean.   So...   They have ordered that the lagoon not be breached until nearby homes are perilously close to flooding   Which...   Upsets the neighbors   So...   They breached the river at an angle to somehow minimize the trauma for the fish.   So...   The river did what it does naturally, and carried sand out to th