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My website got a makeover!

I haven't posted any Mental Notes for about ten months now. That's because I've been busy. I started a project one year and three weeks ago. I thought I'd have it wrapped up by Labor Day. Nope. But I should be done by Thanksgiving. Nope. Christmas, definitely! Nope. But now I can finally announce to the world that it is finished. I have completely rebuilt my website, The Monterey Peninsula Toy Box , from the ground up. It is the first major overhaul of the website since 2008. The Toy Box now has a clean, modern look, and unlike the old version, it is mobile-friendly s o it looks just as good on a small phone screen as on a big desktop monitor. This is important because Google had been penalizing me in search rankings for not being mobile-friendly, and my ad revenue had dropped significantly since they started doing that.   I have been wanting to do this for about three years, but I lacked the technical know-how to build a responsive website. After a lot