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Republican Dictionary

Activist Judge: one who makes a ruling that we don't agree with. Collateral Damage: innocent people we accidentally kill in order to eliminate terrorists who want to kill innocent people. Compromise: abandoning our principles. Conservative: American, patriotic. Constitutional Amendment: what we propose whenever an activist judge makes a ruling we disagree with. Democrat: Liberal (see) Environmentalist: nut case who prefer trees, deer and whales over corporate profits, 10-lane freeways, and cheap oil. Fair and Balanced: whatever makes sense to us. Family Values: exemplified by good Christians who don't have sex except to make babies. Indecency: bare breasts. Liberal: traitor. Media Bias: any report which presents facts that contradict our beliefs. Mission Accomplished: the easy part is over. Minimum Wage: excessive compensation for our front-line employees who do the actual selling of our product. Moderate: some weenie trying to have it both ways. Morality: No se

I killed some software last night

It was Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6. I had been using if for a little over a year, and it was the buggiest program I ever used, not to mention one of the most expensive.   My computer came with Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4. It was an excellent program, very easy to use, reliable and stable. Adaptec became Roxio somewhere around version 5, and I got version 6 because I needed its new video making capabilities for a wedding video project.   For making videos, version 6 was a bust. The DVD maker had a bug in the audio video synchronization which made it impossible to see beforehand how the finished product would look and sound. A downloadable upgrade, which was supposed to fix the bugs, rendered the entire thing useless, by preventing video burning entirely! Technical support was nonexistent. They told me to uninstall the whole thing, and reinstall it without the patches, which of course put me right back with the problems I started with. I ended up buying a different video program a