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"A" huge dilemma

The upcoming election on the county general plan has really reached the point of ridiculousness. How did we get into this mess in the first place? The general plan update process was started seven years ago with the best of intentions, getting everyone involved so that a consensus could be developed. Instead we've ended up with two competing plans and a divided citizenry. Even trying to explain the situation makes my head spin. We've got three ways to vote on two plans. Yes, three. 1. Measure A: Voting yes means you want the General Plan Initiative, the "slow growth" plan, to pass.   2. Measure B: Voting yes means you want to repeal General Plan Update 4, the "developers" plan which was enacted by the county supervisors several months ago. 3. Measure C: Voting yes means you want to enact General Plan Update 4. Just so we're clear, Yes on A means yes. Yes on B means no, and yes on C means yes. I think. You can thank the county supervisors for the con