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AWOL Blogger

As anyone can see from the long stretches between entries, my blogging, as folks refer to it nowdays, has not been too consistent. For reasons I won't go into, its been a wierd year, and spreading my thoughts around hasn't been a high priority. But I have spent some productive time updating and upgrading the Monterey Peninsula Toy Box . I began by registering, for the first time, an actual domain  name . It still takes you to the same AOL Hometown site, but its easier to remember than , don't you think?  Then I decided to create a web page for my wife, who is a piano teacher . I liked the way I formatted it, so I applied some similar formatting to my  visitors guide , along with some much needed re-writing. Next followed a rebuild and updating of some pages in the Del Monte Club Car . I still need to update one more page, and I'm planning on adding a retail store hosted by Cafe Press to sell rail

For once I agree

The President was on TV tonight talking about his immigration proposals. It was very wierd. I was sitting and listening and agreeing with what he had to say. I even felt respect for the guy for a change.  Its wierd, because I haven't agreed with a single Bush policy since the invasion of Afghanistan.  But this one I think makes sense. When people are willing to risk life and limb to find a job here, because they can't find a job at home, they have more problems than we do. The neighborly thing to do is to help those who are less fortunate than we are. So there needs to be a way for them to find work to feed their families without having to resort to illegal entry. For that reason I support his guest worker proposal. Ultimately, though, even that is just treating symptoms. Somehow, perhaps with some sort of carrot and stick approach, we should help Mexico improve its own economy so that people can find work where they live. As for using the National Guard to assist with bor

Speed Demon

There's been a new series of Volkswagon ads lately. They've taken on a decidedly dark tone. There's some demonic little ball called a "fast" in the cars making the drivers do incredibly dumb things. The worst of these has a guy with his date, driving fast with the windows down. The poor girl's hair is blowing all over the place, and she wants the windows up. The demonic "fast" in the back seat seems insulted and the idiotic guy just tells her that its hard to hear the engine with all of her yakkin'. I guess the message is buy this car and look like an idiot to your girl. I won't be buying that car.

No Subject

I haven't written anything here for a long time. I wonder why. I've had a lot on my mind, so you'd think I'd have something to write about. No time to write, I guess.