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Mental Notes gets a makeover, plus a few announcements.

One year and one week ago I announced the makeover of my main website, the Monterey Peninsula Toy Box . That massive project took me a full year to complete. Last week I decided that this blog deserved an update, too. That was a much simpler task as it merely involved selecting a new theme from a list and a few days of tweaking colors and fonts and such to my liking. My aim was to give this blog a look that was similar to that of the Toy Box. The finished product is now before your eyes. For the background image I wanted to have something that represented the Monterey Peninsula, and after a little experimentation I chose my photograph of Midway Point (aka The Lone Cypress)and converted it to a monochrome blue to match the color scheme I had in mind. The famous parts of the image are hidden behind this text, but the areas surrounding the blog entries display the beauty of Carmel Bay. Once I made the color conversion I realized to my delight that the blue photograph looked pretty good