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101 Facts About Me

1. I was born at the old Carmel Community Hospital on November 3, 1959. 2. My educational history: -1962-1964 Bay School, Carmel, CA (Preschool) -1964-1968 River School, Carmel (K-3) -1968-1969 Liberty School, Salem, OR. (4) -1969-1971 Cummings School, Salem (5-6) -1971 Whittaker Jr High School From Hell, Salem (7) -1972-1974 Judson Jr. High, Salem (7-8) -1974-1978 Verdant Vales School (boarding school), Middletown, CA. (9-12) -1978-present School of Hard Knocks. 3. My favorite band of all time: The Beatles 4. My favorite bands of the ‘70s: Tie between the Doobie Brothers and Fleetwood Mac 5. Favorite jazz musician: Diana Krall. My wife calls her my “girlfriend." I have all of her albums and both DVDs. 6. Current occupation: Audio/Visual technician in a hotel conference facility, nearly 9 years. I do sound for wedding ceremonies there, too. Lots of weddings. 7. Previous occupation of note: movie theater management at Capitol and Elsinore theaters in Salem, and the Golden Bough and

Bumper Sticker Sightings

Yesterday I saw an interesting pair of bumper stickers on a car at Del Monte Center. One said: War is not the answer The other said: I'm proud to have a son in the Army ----------------------------------------- A couple weeks ago I saw this wonderful philosophy: Work like you don't need the money Love like you've never been hurt And dance like nobody's watching