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From Yo-Ho to Ho-Ho

Here's a topic of absolutely no importance. Does anybody remember that the confection we know as Hostess Ho-Hos was originally named Yo-Hos?  If you're under the age of 45 , you probably don't. According to the official Hostess site , the treat was introduced in 1967, but the company makes no mention of the name change. If memory serves, the change occurred two or three years later with absolutely no explanation. To this day I have seen no official acknowledgment that the change ever actually happened. Yet, it did! I saw it with my own eyes!!! Now there's a subject for conspiracy theorists to ponder. Why, in the dead of night, when nobody was looking, was a perfectly good product name changed by one letter? Was it political correctness? Perhaps pirates complained that Hostess abused their lingo and played on unfair stereotypes. Or did someone think it sounded like a pimp calling one of his girls? Did Santa Claus and the Jolly Green Giant use  their political a