Herald Boo-Boo Watch parts 36 & 37

Honestly, is Herald management even aware that their guy covering Carmel doesn't know the territory? It has become painfully obvious that reporter Tom Leyde has never spent any significant time learning about the town, beyond what he's spoon-fed at city council meetings. I have documented numerous careless errors on his part, most recently in my November 7th Mental Note.

Today, in an article about the town's experiment with parking meters Leyde magically relocated the north Sunset Center parking lot from the corner of Mission and 8th to "Junipero Street between Third and Fifth avenues." That is more or less the location of the Vista Lobos parking lot (on 3rd between Junipero and Torres) which he didn't place anywhere.

At least he finally figured out that Carmel's numbered streets are "avenues" and not "streets."


Elsewhere in today's Herald the weekly "Bits 'N' Bytes" column was published in three different fonts. I've labeled the image below with numbers 1,2, & 3 indicating where each font starts. Number 1 is the standard Herald font. Number 2 is a tiny version of the same font, while 3 is a similar but slightly fatter font with greater spacing between letters. Who does this stuff?


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