Herald Boo-Boo Watch parts 32-35

Herald Boo-Boos are piling up on my desk. Time to clean it off.

I am unable to reproduce an image of boo-boo #32 because it was just a teensy bit too large to fit on my scanner. So you'll have to be content with a written description.

There was an editorial on Sunday November 16th entitled China climate change pact changes debate. It was under the heading "The Herald's View" which I found peculiar because I wouldn't expect our puny, semi-local Herald editorial board to tackle such a significant international topic. And I was right, for at the end it was signed "Bay Area News Group" indicating that it originated with a San Francisco Bay Area newspaper, and not the Herald. Typically editorials written elsewhere are listed under the heading "Other Views" so their origins are clear.


Number 33 was on page B-1 of that same day. It had an interesting story about the grave of a dog located at Carmel's Forest Theater. It included a photo of a painting of the dog, but just to be clear, the article was about the dog and the grave, not the painting. So why was the article continued on page 2 under the heading "Art"? "Dog" would have made perfect sense, as would have "grave" or "Pal" (the dog's name). No doubt some underpaid paste-up guy saw the photo and concluded the story was about the painting.

This article also gave us a bonus boo-boo. The picture caption called it "An portrait of Pal."


Moving along to November 23rd, the "Your Town" news briefs had an item with an improperly formatted headline that looked like normal text. 

Finally, we have a November 24th story about that San Francisco window washer who survived an 11-story fall. The headline said "Physicist: Car broke man's 11-story fall." The article had only three paragraphs. The first one briefly described the fall. The second described the man's current condition. The third said KCBS radio asked a physicist how the poor man was able to survive. The end. The explanation was apparently cut out for lack of space. How stupid can Harold get?


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