Herald Boo-Boo Watch part 4

I didn't expect to be back here so soon, but mere hours after I posted the last Herald Boo-Boo another one fell into my lap.

On the Herald's Opinion page the newspaper occasionally prints comments that readers post online. In the print edition this feature is called "Sounding Off." A quote is printed in a black box and the screen name of the individual is printed beneath it along with the title of the article they were commenting on. As an example, here is one from July 30th that is properly formatted.

Click to enlarge image.
The Sounding Off printed on August 1st, however, was missing its credits, except, curiously, for the last four words of one article title. 

Click image to enlarge.
But it could be worse. A month or so ago there was a silent "Sounding Off." I wish I'd saved that one. The space was there, but it was completely blank. So I suppose partially blank means they're improving. Progress, I guess.


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