Thank You, PG&E

I hadn't intended to drag a PG&E lineman out to my house at 9:00 at night. It was Friday, and I noticed all of our lights were flickering again, as they had been for a little over a week. I kept making mental notes to call PG&E during the day, but since the lights weren't on during the day I kept forgetting.

Friday night I figured I would call PG&E's 24 hour service center and report it, thinking they would look into it the next day. Much to my surprise, they sent someone out almost immediately.

The repairman was a very friendly guy. After introducing himself he shut off our power, got in the bucket on top of his truck and rode it up to where our service line connected to the pole. After working for about 30 minutes in the night air he came down and said the connector had worn out and he replaced it. He said we were good for another 25 years.

Wow. I hadn't expected such prompt and courteous service, but I was certainly grateful. When our lights came back on they were glowing steadily and have remained so.

I don't remember the man's name, so I'll just say Thanks to that guy in the blue PG&E truck who came to my house on Friday the 13th.


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