Take away their right to use Photoshop!

One of those knockoff phone books landed on our doorstep a few days ago. It's the one called "Valley Yellow Pages." I don't know whose valley they refer to, but we're on a peninsula here.

Phone books usually have a nice photo or illustration of the community contained within its pages. At first glance, this one has a nice photo of the Pacific Grove shoreline. But somebody with no sense of scale decided to blend in a separate scene of seals and sea gulls perched on a rock. The result is a rocky shoreline with seagulls larger than the trunks of mature cypress trees.

I think Valley Yellow Pages should lose their right to use Photoshop.


Unknown said…
I grew up in PG and still feel a kinship there. Your blog popped up on my news feed. Wanted to see the giant sea gulls.... I imagine it looks horrible.

The explosions you heard made me think of Fort Ord when they would fire ballistics. The thought of an unexploded ordinance also crossed my mind. Who knows.... I'm way up in Oregon. Curious what you discover though.

Thanks for keeping the spirit of the Monterey Peninsula alive.

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