Our new store!

The upgrades to the Monterey Peninsula Toy Box continued this week with the addition of our new store! For lack of a better name, it is called the Monterey Peninsula Toy Box Store. It is stocked with guidebooks, maps, history books, art and photography books, literature and cartoons by local writers, locally made music, and our favorite subject, movies made on the Monterey Peninsula.

Our little shop is "powered" by Amazon.com, that megasized on-line retailer where you can get just about anything. Mind you, all I had to do was electronically gather a listing of Amazon's offerings of local interest and put them into an attractive home-grown package. Amazon does the rest. For this I'll make a little something off of each sale to help pay the Toy Box's bills. I hope you'll drop in and see if anything tickles your interest.

Regular Toy Box visitors may have noticed that I've also started adding those ubiquitous Google ads, both in this journal and in various places in the Toy Box. Google ads are funny things. They're designed to match the content of the page they're on. They're usually on target, but it can be amusing to see what they come up with.

For example, in my Republican Dictionary, wherein I poke fun at the modern GOP's use of language, the ads that have been showing up are for gay marriage services. How that happened is beyond me. Somewhat more understandable, on the page "Why a dog is better than a gun" ads were coming up for hunting supplies and puppies for sale. But today they had and inexplicable ad for FEMA disaster jobs. Anyway, watching to see what comes up is an amusing spectator sport.

All of these changes have taken a lot of time and work. But due to a lack of activity at work, I've had plenty of time to put these changes together. Let's hope it pay$ off with a little extra ¢hange in my pocket. Better that the ad revenue goes to me than to my former hosts at AOL, no?


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