Thursday, July 10, 2008

I have moved!

Well, folks, as I noted in my old Mental Notes page on AOL Journals, big changes have occurred at the Toy Box. A few days ago I moved the Monterey Peninsula Toy Box away from the free AOL Hometown hosting service to a more formal service that costs just pennies a day to maintain. The service I chose is InMotion Hosting, which from extensive research indicated reliable customer service. And with their 90 day money back guarantee I don't feel I'm taking too big a gamble on the move.

If you've gotten this far you may have noticed I have started placing banner ads in the Toy Box. AOL was doing this anyway, so I figured I should get a piece of the pie and have more control over the ad content. Most of the banners thus far are in my visitors guide. I have become an affiliate with Expedia, Best Western and the National Geographic Store, which I feel would be of interest to my readers. If you click those banners and make a purchase you will help support the Toy Box and all of its delightful free content.

I have also moved this journal from AOL's blog to Google's Blogger, primarily because Google provides much more elegant looking templates and a much larger variety of formatting options. No other reason, really, for otherwise AOL's Journals worked just fine. They're just darned UGLY!

However, I don't want you to miss out on the fine (?) content of my old journal, so a link is provided in the sidebar under Related Sites.

You may see the format of this new Mental notes journal change from time to time as I look for the best layout and design. So don't be alarmed if things look different on your next visit.

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