Mental Notes gets a makeover, plus a few announcements.

One year and one week ago I announced the makeover of my main website, the Monterey Peninsula Toy Box. That massive project took me a full year to complete. Last week I decided that this blog deserved an update, too. That was a much simpler task as it merely involved selecting a new theme from a list and a few days of tweaking colors and fonts and such to my liking. My aim was to give this blog a look that was similar to that of the Toy Box. The finished product is now before your eyes.

For the background image I wanted to have something that represented the Monterey Peninsula, and after a little experimentation I chose my photograph of Midway Point (aka The Lone Cypress)and converted it to a monochrome blue to match the color scheme I had in mind. The famous parts of the image are hidden behind this text, but the areas surrounding the blog entries display the beauty of Carmel Bay.

Once I made the color conversion I realized to my delight that the blue photograph looked pretty good on its own so I uploaded it to my gallery where it is available to hang on your wall.

Now, you may have noticed that there hasn't been much activity in this blog lately. My last entry was written about ten months ago. This is due to a variety of factors. First, personal circumstances involving mobility problems have made it more difficult to get much work done. Second, I have been concentrating more on driving traffic to my photography gallery because it earns me a little money while this blog does not. Third, events of the past few years have so scrambled my brain that I'm finding it difficult to put my observations into words. I mean, seriously, what do you say to people who believe pedophiles operating out of a pizza parlor caused widespread voter fraud that cheated Trumpty Dumpty out of a second term? My logical mind just can't process that sort of nonsense.

I'm thinking, though, that I could be making better use of this blog to promote my photography, so you may be seeing more of that in the future.

One more thing. Come July Feedburner will be taking away the ability for my readers to receive automated e-mails announcing new Mental Notes when they are published. I'm looking for alternatives, but in the meantime you can watch for announcements on Facebook and Twitter.


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Karolina said…
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