Oh - my - god......E-MAIL!

The lame-stream and blame-scream media are driving me nuts with this latest Clinton e-mail "scandal" as if a new smoking gun has been found.

Get real. Here's all we really know as of now:

1. The FBI is investigating Anthony Wiener for sexting a minor.

2. The FBI seized Wiener's laptop as part of the investigation.

3. It turns out that Wiener's wife, Huma Abedin, also used the same laptop to communicate via e-mail with her boss, Hillary Clinton.

4. The FBI told everyone about point #3 yesterday, but didn't give any details.

That's it! BFD. So far this is a non-story. But the easily excitable news media seems to have a Pavlovian reaction any time the name "Clinton" is used in the same sentence as "e-mail."


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