Herald Boo-Boo Watch part 40

Boo-boos in the Herald's print edition seem to be dwindling somewhat, but they're now appearing on the paper's website with some regularity. I first noticed this a few weeks ago when an individual posted a comment on the Herald's website saying he posted a comment under one article that showed up under an unrelated article. A day or two later the same thing happened to me.

Then a few days ago, I clicked a link to an article and was taken to the wrong article. Back-button, try again, same result.

And sometime last week Tom Karwin's weekly gardening column showed up on the Opinion web page. A mere fluke, perhaps? Nope, Barbara Quinn's nutrition column, which normally runs in Wednesday's food section, showed up on Monday's Opinion web page, with Jim Tunney's weekly sports column right below it.

It's been bad enough that Digital First Media has made so many careless errors in the print edition, but now it appears they can't even get the digital part right, either. Has website design also been moved to Chico?


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