Herald Boo-Boo Watch parts 23-25

Three days, three boo-boos.

Wednesday October 1st a Herald editorial meant to endorse Dave Jones for Insurance Commissioner ended by recommending a vote for his opponent Ted Gaines. In a rare move, the Herald acknowledged this boo-boo and reprinted the endorsement the following day with the correct final sentence.


Thursday October 2nd had an article on the front page with a mid-sentence font change.


Friday October 3rd an ad on page A9 announcing a joint Herald/Google advertising program employed atrocious grammar. I'm thinking it was written by one of those employees in India, where the Herald has outsourced its advertising work (yes, really).

Addendum 10/12/14: This ad actually ran for five or six consecutive days and never was corrected.

As I noted in previous Mental Notes, careless errors such as these have been appearing with alarming regularity since Digital First Media moved Herald production work to Chico last March. A few initial bugs were expected, but this sort of sloppy workmanship has been going on for half a year now. You'd think they would have worked out the kinks by now!


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