Measure K supporters play the victim card.

Yesterday Mrs. Toy found a cheap, home-printed flyer opposing Measure M and supporting Measure K in our mailbox. It was signed by five people, including three former city council members, Helen Rucker, Steve Bloomer, and Darryl Choates. The other two were "Seaside Resident" James Bogan, and "Local Seaside Merchant" Dennis Volk. Now, I've come to expect almost anything from Bloomer and Choates, but the normally sensible Helen Rucker ought to know better than to put her name on such hokum.

The flyer said:

"Dear Seaside Neighbor,

"On Tuesday November 5, there will be an election that will have a very big impact on our city and our families.

"Measure M takes control away from our elected Seaside City Council and gives that power to wealthy outsiders in Monterey, Carmel, and Pacific Grove."
Whoa! Right off the bat they're turning this into a class warfare issue. Poor Seaside is being picked on by our "wealthy" neighbors, er, "outsiders," people not of our kind! How dare they dictate what happens in Seaside!

Well, for starters, much of the land affected by Measure M is under the county's jurisdiction, not Seaside's. Seaside hopes to annex it, but unless that actually happens, voters throughout Monterey County, not just Seaside, have every right to decide how that land will be used.

As for Seaside's portion,
my reason for taking the decision out of the city council's hands is clearly stated in my previous Mental Note K vs. M, so I won't repeat myself here.

The flyer continues...

"Measure M eliminates over 20,000 good-paying jobs....."
Wrong again. You can't eliminate jobs that don't yet exist. Those 20,000 jobs are merely potential jobs that would only be created if every planned feature of Monterey Downs, including a racetrack, two hotels, a shopping center, and a bunch of new houses, are all actually built. Considering that Seaside has been unable to get hotels and/or shopping centers built near the Main Gate area, or at the Bayonet/Black Horse golf courses, or Lower Broadway, where support infrastructure like streets, electrical service, water mains, and sewers already exist, how likely is it that they will ever get built where no infrastructure exists?

The flyer then repeats the widely discredited Measure K mantra about the veteran's cemetery, then concludes by saying 

"The wealthy outsiders who wrote Measure M hope you and your neighbors won't show up at the polls Tuesday to protect your interests."
Evidently, the cosigners of this flyer want us to believe there is a Peninsula-wide conspiracy against Seaside, that Measure M is part of some nefarious plot by neighboring cities to keep Seaside poor and stupid. What I see, however, is that these five individuals are hoping Seaside residents are just stupid enough to believe that, so we'll vote against imagined "wealthy outsiders" who are actually our friends and neighbors, fellow residents of the Monterey Peninsula.

Oh, speaking of wealthy outsiders,
the flyer was paid for "with generous support from Monterey Downs" the only real outsider in this whole matter, and a very wealthy one.


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