Lawsuits I expect to see.

Now that Samsung has to pay Apple a bazillion dollars for allegedly copying Apple's rectangular phone with rounded corners, a number of other companies have no doubt realized they can now sue their competitors for anything that bears a resemblance to their own products. I expect we'll soon see other lawsuits such as....
  • Ford suing GM, Chrysler, and Toyota for mounting their cars on four wheels like Ford does.
  • GM countersueing Ford for stealing their idea of putting a radio in the dashboard.
  • Post suing Kellogg's for stealing the idea of mixing sugar coated raisins with bran flakes.
  • Kleenex suing Scotties for stealing the idea of interlacing tissues to keep them popping up out of the box.
  • The Sunshine Cookie people suing Nabisco for stealing their idea of placing vanilla cream between two round chocolate wafers.
  • Boeing suing Airbus for copying their idea of mounting jet engines on each wing.
  • Aerospatiale suing Boeing for stealing their idea for mounting jet engines on the rear of the plane's fuselage.
  • Webster suing American Heritage for stealing the idea of listing words in the dictionary in alphabetical order.
  • John Kerry suing Mitt Romney for copying Kerry's strategy of being for something before he was against it.
  • The Republican Party suing the Deomcratic Party for stealing the idea of making false statements in attack ads.
Now that the precedent has been set, these sorts of lawsuits are inevitable.


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