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Nothing in Carmel is ever simple. There's been an ongoing debate over a plan to replace decades old porto-potties at the south end of Carmel beach with real rest rooms. Just when we thought the problem had been solved and designs were approved, neighbors came out with machetes and pitchforks demanding that the plans be scaled back.

So a special joint meeting of the city council, planning commission, and the hired architect, was held, according to the August 10th Carmel Pine Cone, and a most bizarre discussion ensued.

The architect was told to redesign the rest rooms to be small, simple, and at the same time "world class." He was further instructed that those were not contradictory concepts. 

One nearby resident said she and her neighbors had decided that the facilities should only include toilets, but not sinks for hand washing. Their reason being that a knee-high faucet (used for washing feet and dogs) already existed on the nearby beach stairway, making sinks unnecessary. One must assume these folks don't think it's all that important to wash after using the toilet. (Public health advisory: Steer clear of Carmel's southern beach-area residents when they want to shake hands!)

After further debate about size, shape, landscaping, etc., etc. one woman stood up and said “I’m assuming we want people to use this, so there’s got to be some way for them to recognize it’s a freaking bathroom, right?”

I'm glad there was at least one person there who had their head screwed on right.


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