New history page in the Toy Box

I recently posted a new page in the Bits-O' History section of the Monterey Peninsula Toy Box. It provides an accurate and reasonably complete history of the crosses overlooking local beaches, focusing particularly on the Monterey cross that was vandalized last month, and which was the subject of my September 23rd entry.

The new page is called THE TRUE MEANING OF THE CROSS.

I decided a new page was necessary to counteract the misinformation that has been spreading during the debate over the constitutionality of the cross. After all, one can't have a good argument without good facts. I was particularly dismayed to read in the Herald, once in an article and twice in an editorial, that the cross marked the site where the Portola expedition "landed." Since they came by land, and not by sea, there was no "landing." The Herald should be ashamed for failing to do such basic research, especially since part of their argument against repairing the cross was based upon it.

Perhaps they should check with me before printing stuff.


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