Barry Bonds

I'm not a sports fan, but I do enjoy watching a game of Giants Baseball. I haven't followed Barry Bonds' career like some have, but I have become a fan. I haven't followed the controversy surrounding him all that much. After all, every successful person seems to be controversial in some way.

But something doesn't seem right. As far as my limited understanding could tell, he is still a productive player. He stated his desire to remain a Giant. He drew crowds to the ballpark in what was otherwise a miserable season.

For this he got fired.

I don't get it.

What really galled me was seeing all of the warm fuzzy tributes in tonight's game, Barry's last at home. We watched Giants owner Peter Magowan shed crocodile tears as he watched the "Thank You Barry" scoreboard video at the end of the game. Somehow the thanks seemed as insincere as the tears. You don't fire a guy you appreciate.

They say that's just business, that is was time for Barry to move on. But it wasn't Barry Bonds who drove the Giants into last place. Nobody who was responsible for this year's poor showing got fired. No, the Giants seem to do things a little differently. Former Manager Dusty Baker took the Giants to the World Series a few years ago.

For this he got fired.

I see a pattern here.


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