For once I agree

The President was on TV tonight talking about his immigration proposals. It was very wierd. I was sitting and listening and agreeing with what he had to say. I even felt respect for the guy for a change. 

Its wierd, because I haven't agreed with a single Bush policy since the invasion of Afghanistan. 

But this one I think makes sense.

When people are willing to risk life and limb to find a job here, because they can't find a job at home, they have more problems than we do. The neighborly thing to do is to help those who are less fortunate than we are. So there needs to be a way for them to find work to feed their families without having to resort to illegal entry. For that reason I support his guest worker proposal.

Ultimately, though, even that is just treating symptoms. Somehow, perhaps with some sort of carrot and stick approach, we should help Mexico improve its own economy so that people can find work where they live.

As for using the National Guard to assist with border patrol, when I first heard the idea I was not particularly fond of it. But as he explained it, it would only be for one year, in a supporting role, not enforcement, until more border patrol agents could be hired and trained. Its a good idea in theory, but I do have some problems with it. Bush has our National Guard spread so thin already that it may leave gaps in other areas of homeland security.

His proposal to use technology to monitor the borders is a good idea, assuming it is affordable.

OK, so sometimes Bush actually has good ideas, even if it is only twice in five years.

But, alas, there's a problem. Like everything else, Bush seems to think it will all be paid for with tax cuts. Not a good idea.




Anonymous said…
I TOO HAVE NOT agreed with a single Bush policy since the invasion of Afghanistan. The immigration proposal made sense. That's scary to me,I am a Liberal from Mass. Anti-Bush county! lololo CHERYL~

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