Save the Adventures

I had a letter published in the Herald today. I wrote to support the preservation of two businesses near Monterey's Municipal Wharf, Adventures by the Sea and Monterey Bay Kayaks, both of which are on city property at Del Monte Beach.

It seems the city is still considering evicting them in order to knock their buildings down to open up the last sliver of bay views from Del Monte Boulevard.

It was right to relocate and demolish the meat packing plant, Jaguar dealership, motorcycle shop and dry cleaner that were between the street and the beach. A beautiful park now is in their place. However, these last two businesses provide shoreline recreation opportunities, and cannot be relocated inland without destroying their function. A little better view would not compensate for the loss of their services. It might make the beach look post card perfect, but there will be less to do once you get there.

Keep them there, please.


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