Dress nice, America

What has happened to casual attire? When did it become acceptable to look like a slob?

More and more perfectly normal people, respectable people, people who have good careers, nice homes, and a healthy wardrobe budget, choose to dress in faded old T-shirts, baggy synthetic basketball shorts, and dirty baseball caps (often worn backwards) when they go out in public on their days off.

This is particularly puzzling when you consider how obsessed people are over their breasts, abs, thighs etc. For some reason they want their bodies to look great, while they cover up their fine physiques with dumpster fodder.

They claim a desire for comfort. But nice looking clothes can be comfortable, too. Or is it convenience? I don't think so. It is no more difficult to put on a clean, nicely styled shirt than it is to put on an ugly old one.

Whatever the reason, I don't like the result. Dress nice, America.


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