Popular trends that I hope will go away soon

Reality TV.
Now there's an oxymoron for you.

Shouting news commentators.
Talking louder does not make their points any more valid.

Breast implants.
Who wants to look at a naked girl with carnival balloons on her chest?

Electronically enhanced vocals of female pop stars.
Can't their voices stand on their own?

Corporate control of local radio stations.
Bring back the local DJ!

New, but definitely not improved.

Low carbs.
Diet fads come and go, but diet gurus will be with us forever.

Self-appointed food police.
Moderation, not elimination, is the key.

One-party control of both houses of Congress and the White House.
Neither party is worthy of being in total control. Checks and balances, people!

Liberal bashing.
Liberals are not the enemy.

Conservative bashing.
Real conservatives are nice people. (Neoconservative bashing is OK, 'cuz they haven't actually accomplished anything.)

Imitation Rob Lowe hairstyles.
The harried businessman look was never in.

Overreaction to a bare breast on TV.
Only a mental boob would be threatened by a woman's boob. 

"John 3:16" signs at football games.
Nice verse, been done to death. How about some of the other fine Bible verses?

The "liberal media" myth.
Who was it that jumped on the Clinton/Monica affair with glee?

The main cause of high gas prices. This is junior high economics, supply and demand.


Anonymous said…
I like your journal, especially this entry. I think what you said about liberals is right. We need to get away from "us" vs "them" mentality. Especially those in the government! Dems or Reps, conservative or liberal...whatever...we need to put all of us first by tending to this nation as one nation!
I also agree about the implants. Some of these women look like the circus is in town.

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