Bush vs Kerry

I was a supporter of John Kerry before it was fashionable, when Howard Dean was the alleged "front runner." That was before people actually voted.


Before I go any further, let me make one thing clear. I am not a Democrat. Nor am I a Republican. I am a former Republican, registered independent. I think for myself, thank you. Republicans generally don't encourage that sort of behavior anymore. Just ask John McCain.


This election is supposedly about which candidate is strongest, particularly on national defense. In this regard popular punditry (the same process that anointed Howard Dean) declares Bush as the stronger candidate. That in itself is questionable, but not really important because this election is not about strength. It is about wisdom.


Bush often has the right idea. Invading Afghanistan after 9/11 was the right idea, and was reasonably well executed. I fully supported the President during this campaign. Removing Saddam was a good idea in theory, but poorly executed. Not only was the premise wrong, there were no WMD (as UN inspectors already discovered), it drained resources from fighting the real enemy that actually did attack us, and is continuing to attack innocent people all over the world.


Bush comes on strong with talk about good vs evil, right vs wrong, etc. It is comforting, as far as it goes, but he lacks depth. His thought process is two-dimensional, linear. If X happens, then Y will automatically follow, regardless of what word you're trying to spell. But since his opinions cannot be altered no matter what, he is thought of as a strong, decisive leader.


Kerry has earned a reputation in the Senate as someone who digs into issues to understand their intricacies. He has a curious mind and his knowledge of the issues has considerable depth as well as breadth. He likes to get all sides of a story, and consider all possible consequences before taking action. Furthermore, Kerry is not afraid to change his mind when new information comes to light. For this Kerry is accused of being inconsistent, a flip-flopper, someone who can’t be trusted.


I have watched John Kerry on C-SPAN many times, and I am always impressed with his comprehensive grasp of the issues. During the primaries he stood out from the pack as the most thoughtful candidate. He is especially strong in his understanding of foreign policy, which is essential at this time in history. He is not a perfect man, but he is a prudent man who will make wise choices based on the big picture instead of a narrow ideology. That is why I support John Kerry for President.


Anonymous said…
Very well-said. I agree with you completely!
Great journal, by the way!
Anonymous said…
My o my...I love reading something that is written inteligently. I cannot follow a straight party line either. I must vote for what a man stands for and not praty dictates. i am rather at odds this election.
i feel sorry for our nation that there could be excellent people out there for offices of all sorts that will never get the chance due to finances. Those that are the farthest from understanding real life (the rich) are the only ones that can get elected. Great journal!  redeemed73

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