Friday, November 23, 2007


The Herald has its Rants and Raves. I'll put in my Boos and Bravos.

There was an interesting collection of letters in the Herald of Thanksgiving Day. Usually, there's maybe one or two that are worth reading. Today they all had something interesting to say, except for the little four-liner at the very end.

BRAVO to Gordon Smith of Monterey who wrote to support the retention of Monterey Bay Kayaks on the waterfront. As he notes, demolishing their building won't do much to improve views, but will deprive residents and visitors of recreational opportunities. I only wish he had also made the same mention  of Adventures By The Sea which is also threatened.

BRAVO to Dan Shafer of Monterey, a former sports writer for admonishing sports columnist John Devine for writing a "guilty until  proven innocent" diatribe against Barry Bonds.

BOO to Cindy Stanley of Monterey for her misinterpretation of a protest last weekend outside the Presidio of Monterey. The protesters had a huge banner opposing torture. Ms. Cindy took it as an anti-military protest, and even went as far as to launch a counter protest at the same site. Note to Cindy: Being anti-torture is not the same as being anti-military, but your counter-protest implies that you are pro-torture.

BOO to Joe Vierra of Salinas for blaming Democrats for rising gas prices. Supply and demand has nothing to do with it? And what about the price increases that occurred while the Republicans were  in power?

BRAVO to Diane Stotler of Seaside who complained about the lack of recycling facilities for compact fluorescent light bulbs, which the law says can't be thrown in the trash. The only place that accepts them is the waste facility out past Marina, and nobody in their right mind is going to drive 20 minutes to throw away a light bulb. Why, I threw a dead CFL in the trash just tonight.


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