Tuesday, March 29, 2005


"So often we rob tomorrow's memories by today's economies."

-John Mason Brown


With a carefree smile

Framed by straight brown hair

A sparkle in her eye

As she passed on the stair

It made me feel warm

Every time she was there.


It all was strictly business

In the workplace you know

Leaving much about each other
That we never get to show

Feelings just get buried

Gotta go with the flow.


We’d put our heads together

And we’d get the job done

Sometimes she’d say “I love you”

It was onlyin fun

Our friendship got a start

But it never got to run.


Then  one day she was leaving

A career move she said

She needed it of course

Got to go where life led

A chance to get away

And to keep her soul fed.


On the steps that final day

Her eyes looked a little sad

I wanted to say something

But expression could be bad

The talk was mostly business

It was all we really had.


I gave a little parting gift

The card I made was dealt

She read the sincere sentiment

And then her heart could melt

We hugged, I  made a comment
To hint at how I felt.


It wasn’t about romance

Just friendship I’ll allow

For three years she had touched my heart

Though still I'm not sure how

I hadn't really known it then

But I sure know it now.

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