Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Grinch who stole gay marriage

The people awakened one morning to hear
That the Grinch of Prop 8 had stolen their cheer

So they marched in the streets to protest the decision
As victims of public discrimination.

But one of them said, in a voice starting low
“Maybe, just maybe, it need not be so.

“Does love need a license from officials of state
To affirm what our hearts know will never abate?

“Perhaps marriage is something that can't be constrained
By a book of religion or a statute ordained.

“Marriage is defined in the hearts of two lovers
And can't be affected by the thoughts of the others.

“So let the Grinch live by his own set of rules.
They need not define us unless we be fools

“Someday he will learn what we already know
That love's unconditional, and that's how we grow.”

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