Tuesday, October 23, 2007

President Bush doesn't care about us.

President Bush has threatened to veto any budget from Congress that exceeds his budget for domestic spending. Congress has proposed a domestic budget that exceeds Bush's budget by $22 billion ($22,000,000,000).

Bush says that's an irresponsible use of public funds.

For the record, Bush's war in Iraq is costing us $330 million every day ($330,000,000). The $22 billion Congress wants to spend on us at home amounts to 66 days and 16  hours of spending in Iraq. Yet Bush has offered no source of funds for his war other than our pocketbooks and Chinese loans.

If Bush wants to keep spending our money in Iraq, he needs to find a way to pay for it. But, hey, if we're going to go deeper into debt, I'd rather it be for improving things here at home.

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mikel8rg8r said...

I agree completely!  With 450 days until 01/20/09, all we can do is hope that enough Republicans come to their senses (and feel the heat from their constituents) that they finally realize that this President and his administration are on a 167 m.p.h. screeching, howling desent into the bowels of glassy-eyed narcissistic self-absorption...and if we don't pull up soon, we will have (if not already) done irreverible damage to America's standing in the world...

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